Barley Mak Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia 2015

Barley Mak

Dr Barley Mak is an Associate Professor of the Curriculum and Instruction and founding Director of the Centre for Enhancing English Learning and Teaching of the Faculty of Education at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Barley Mak has been training primary and secondary English language teachers at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Hong Kong and New Zealand for many years. She is the founding Programme Director of the M.A. in English Language Teaching. The undergraduate and postgraduate courses she has taught include English Language Teaching methodology, language testing and assessment, professional development of English language teachers, psycholinguistics and research methodology. Barley Mak is the founding Director of the Centre for Enhancing English Learning and Teaching(CEELT), which operates a number of research and development projects, among which are the Writing for Integrated Teacher Education Project (WrITE) and the Support Measures for Invigorating the Learning of English (SMILE) Project. She has conducted various public-funded research projects (e.g., Worldwide Universities Network, the Quality Education Fund, the Language Fund, Hong Kong Education Bureau funding, Hong Kong Education City funding). With over US$7million public funding, her main publications are in curriculum evaluation; language testing and teaching methodology; teacher professional development. Her publications have appeared in internationally referred journals, for example, Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, Asia Pacific Education Review, Educational Review, English Language Teaching Journal, Language Testing and System.

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