Yoshi Budd Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia 2015

Yoshi Budd

Dr Yoshi Budd has a teaching background in primary and secondary English-literacy and Languages Other Than English. Currently, as Lecturer in the International Graduate Centre for Education at Charles Darwin University, Yoshi is Theme Leader for educational research in the areas of identity, language and culture. Her work in undergraduate pre-service teacher programs has included teaching in the areas of planning, assessment and reporting; and designing, coordinating and teaching a range of English-literacy units in primary and secondary education programs. As an Adjunct Lecturer at the Tasmanian Institute of Teaching and Learning at the University of Tasmania, she has been responsible for the development and delivery of Peer Review of Teaching workshops and continues to provide writing, editing and reviewing services. Current research interests include: the use of electronic discussion boards for teaching and learning (online pedagogies); the development of pre-service teacher identities; and teacher-student engagement in online environments. The common threads that tie these areas together is an ongoing interest in the relationship between cultural change, language practices, and literacy pedagogy, as well as the use of qualitative research methods informed by critical and feminist-poststructuralist theories.

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