OLT presentation Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia 2015

Enhancing programs to integrate tertiary outbound mobility experiences (EPITOME) (#47)

Tim Hall 1
  1. University of Western Sydney, Penrith, NSW, Australia

Across the Australian university landscape, educators are striving to internationalise the curriculum and develop students as culturally competent `global citizens'. The desire to design, implement and embed Outbound Mobility Programs (OMPs) into the curriculum to create a more globally aware Australian workforce for the future has inspired this project. A mixed-methods research design incorporating case studies, interviews and surveys will produce rigorous evidenced-based research. Findings will enable the research team to re-tool tertiary globalisation curriculum and produce technology-enriched educational resources co-created by students and staff to leverage students' positive experiences to enhance recruitment, preparation and re-entry phases of OMPs and amplify their learning outcomes.