Pre-Conference Workshop Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia 2015

Workshop 3 - "Using technology to develop critical thinking - Critica" (#2)

Lesley-Jane Eales-Reynolds 1 , Colin Clarke 1
  1. Kingston University London, Kingston, United Kingdom

Aimed at educators and academic developers at all levels of experience. This workshop provides participants with a unique opportunity to learn about the research-based development of Critica, a bespoke application for scaffolding students’ critical thinking, as well as gaining hands on experience as both educator and student. The development of students’ critical thinking is a core feature of Higher Education and a necessity for responsive and adaptable professionals. Though research shows it is difficult to teach. Participants are requested to bring examples of assessment activities, which they will be supported in developing to elicit crtical thinking. Additionally, participants can engage with a group task for the duration of the conference, thus affording opportunities to experience flexible learning using a bespoke application in various settings. At the end of the conference the presenters will facilitate a social debriefing session to discuss participants’ experience with Critica and lessons for the future.

Location: Room 103 - Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre